Leyla Kalender

Organisator (NL/TR/EN)

Leyla Kalender is an expert, specialist and connector in the field of integration and diversity. She was born in Yalvac (Turkey) and grew up in Woensel-West, a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Eindhoven. Her childhood was a hard learning experience. This made inclusion and harmony important core values ​​in her personal and professional life.

As a wife, mother and caregiver, Leyla is at the heart of life. She finds it important to treat each other with respect. Every individual is unique and talented.

After training in Social-Cultural Work and specialization as a mental health care provider, Leyla has been active for the past five years as an independent social worker with her company Leyla Calendar - Support and Guidance. Leyla knows the social map of Eindhoven like no other. Thanks to her experience and extensive networks, they know how to achieve good assistance without getting stuck in large organizations. With her personal and highly personal approach, she always delivers custom work off the beaten track.

“I teach people from different backgrounds to live and work together with space and respect for each other. My dream is a world in which cultural differences are used positively, and everyone can show their talent."

Leyla is also co-founder of the Ik Wil Foundation. Here, as a connector, she has done important community work in the neighbourhood in recent years. In this way, Leyla has developed into a special community builder who positively uses her personal and professional experience to solve integration and diversity issues.